Dr. Arthur Woll

Cornell University, Dept. of Applied & Engineering Physics

Dr. Arthur Woll

Arthur Woll works as a staff scientist at CHESS (Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source), specifically for the G-line, helping people make use of the x-rays generated by the synchrotron. CHESS consists of twelve x-ray stations, with G-line being unique in how it is managed.

Arthur recently worked with conservators at the Museum of North Carolina studying the 15th century David Teniers’ painting “The Armorer’s Shop”.  Woll and his colleagues experimented with the CHESS synchrotron at Cornell University in one of the very first attempts to use a particle accelerator to digitally dissect a masterpiece.

Dr. Woll back angle

Woll’s specific area of expertise includes the application of synchrotron x-ray sources and novel x-ray optics in materials science and applied physics, these include ordering phenomena in thin films and depth-resolved x-ray fluorescence scanning microscopy.

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